Welcome to the new – still under construction – website of the First Baptist Church (FBC) of Waukegan IL.  We’re delighted that you have found your way here and are taking the time to check us out.  C’mon in.  Have a look around!  

So, what can we say are distinguishing marks of First Baptist Church? First and foremost, our spiritual DNA predisposes us to be serious followers of Jesus. We are people of passionate faith who feel a calling to help bring God’s wholeness to our fractured world.  We are ardent champions of personal transformation and the well-being of families, local communities and planet.  

First Baptist is a vibrant, multi-cultural, bilingual, downtown faith community.  We have a reputation for exceptional hospitality; being known for our big hearts and warm welcome. At FBC we aim to lovingly embrace those from all walks of life and backgrounds, just as if they were Christ Himself!

Our membership, ranging from homeless vets to PhD scientists, spans and celebrates Waukegan’s own rich diversity.  Everyone has a place at FBC!  Our members hail from many different Christian traditions as well, although our church’s formal affiliation is with the American Baptist Churches USA.

Whether you are looking for solid traveling companions to join you along the spiritual twists and turns of life’s journey…or seeking a place to roll up your sleeves and serve meaningfully in fulfillment of your life-purpose… First Baptist may just be the sort of church you’d like to explore further.  

Our new website, when completed, will offer a representative “slice” of FBC along with much useful information.  If you’d like to make a more personal connection, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, or in person.   We’ll be waiting for you.  The First Baptist welcome mat is always out!

– Pastor Keith Cerk